Personal Tracking

AVTRACK Provide Personal Live GPS Tracking Services with 24/7 Monitoring

AVTRACK Provides Personal Live GPS Tracking Services with 24/7 monitoring. With our personal GPS trackers our customers are able to track where their staff are, to provide better customer service and put them ahead of the competition. The secure functional platform can also provide peace of mind if outdoor working conditions are remote or hazardous.

AVTRACK also have individual customers that use their tracking devices to keep a close eye on young or vulnerable family members.

Whether employees are office-based or working outdoors, employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all their workers. It is imperative that whatever the location employers have full knowledge of their staff’s whereabout to be able to monitor and respond in case of an emergency. AVTRACK’s personal GPS solution for companies can provide accurate and reliable location data.

AVTRACK’s personal GPS trackers are a great way to stay connected to those you care about. By communicating real-time location data to family members or other caretakers, these devices help to ensure the safety of the wearer, whether that be a schoolchild, an elderly or vulnerable person, a hiker, or anyone who requires added security when out and about.