Vehicle Tracking

AVTRACK provides unparalleled GPS tracking services for almost all of your vehicles.

Cars / Vans / Trucks

AVTRACK provides GPS tracking solutions for personal vehicles, company cars or those vehicles used for commercial use.

With AVTRACK you can monitor the movements of your vehicles in real-time while they are on a job or on route for delivery. Businesses can use the real-time tracking feature to improve their routing and to improve dispatching processes, as well as to provide guidance by monitoring driving so that driving behaviour and fuel usage can be improved. The ability to locate a vehicle on demand is particularly useful in the event of an emergency as medical aid or road assistance can be sent to employees or family members.

Furthermore, movement and theft alert features accompanied with remote immobilisation are extremely beneficial both personally and from an insurance premium perspective.

Motorbike / Moped / Scooter / E-Scooter / Mobility Buggy

AVTRACK supplies GPS tracking devices for smaller vehicles to provide customers with live tracking route history as well as instant alerts. This allows customers to monitor staff to provide a much better customer experience as well as an edge over the competition.

With the increase in theft of smaller vehicles, and with younger or vulnerable individual’s using smaller modes of transport, AVTRACK also provides geofence and motion alert features, as well as remote immobilisation for peace of mind.