Real-Time Global GPS Tracking

We provide innovative GPS Tracking solutions across the globe

We offer a global presence in the GPS tracking market with satellite offices situated around the world, housing dedicated experts with years of experience in the field of secure GPS tracker development, management, marketing, and monitoring.


AVTRACK’s state-of-the-art tracking software converts telematics into easy to read insights and outputs.


AVTRACK is passionate about security ensuring all accounts are hosted on secure servers located in Europe with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

24/7 Support

AVTRACK provide dedicated 24-hour support via our call line and instant chat channel so that you can be assured of live global assistance whenever you need it.

AV Track Vehicle Tracking

AVTRACK provides unparalleled GPS tracking services for almost all of your vehicle tracking needs be they personal or commercial. With almost 4 billion vehicles around the world it is important you have control of yours.

24/7 Tracking

Have access to your vehicle’s status at all times.

Route Data

Review and analyze historical route data and driving efficiency data.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant alerts for vehicle status changes such as battery status, unsanctioned movement, or any movement in and out of geo-fenced zones.

Secure Monitoring

Be assured that secure 24/7 monitoring is in place for your vehicle at all times

Driver ID Tags

Be assured that your vehicle is secured with the latest theft protection methods so that if your vehicle is moved without a Driver ID Tag you are instantly alerted.

Remote Immobilisation

Have the ability to remotely or automatically immobilse your vehicle using AVTRACK’s latest solutions.

Who We Are? 

AVTRACK is a leading global GPS tracking service provider, designing and implementing specialist industry-leading solutions for national and multinational companies, as well as individuals. Our global teams are dedicated to delivering effective and robust tracking solutions across a variety of sectors where we apply our operational expertise to provide outstanding services. With the constant changes in technology and business requirements to stay ahead, it is essential to have a partner who provides stability.

At AVTRACK, we know experience is essential that’s why we have a loyal client base. We have more than 10 years of experience in the GPS tracking industry with a further 25 years of expertise in the security sector related to the design and development of secure and innovative solutions. Our competence and global coverage are unrivaled.

AVTRACK S5 Deadlock

AVTRACK’s S5 Deadlock secure enhanced tracking and automatic immobilisation solution is the answer to prevent vehicle theft that may arise from key hacking using the relay attack method, which is one of the most prevalent methods of vehicle theft.


AVTRACK’s Battery solution is an easy-to-use tracker for your GPS Tracking requirements where an asset may not have its own power source. Valuable assets without their own power source need to be tracked just as much as powered assets do, whether in a personal capacity or in a commercial setting. 

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is the beating heart of fleet management. AVTRACK is one of the market leaders in GPS fleet tracking, providing the most powerful tools for managing your fleet vehicles. AVTRACK’s innovatively designed system with secure functionality allows businesses to increase their efficiency by providing pioneering, real-time live GPS solutions to monitor your fleets and drivers.

Asset Tracking

For all sizes of assets large and small, on land or sea, AVTRACK has a robust, affordable solution for your global operational requirements and individual needs. Never lose track of an item again with the AVTRACK platform, that can be configured to adapt to the way you work.

Personal Tracking

AVTRACK provides personal live GPS tracking services with 24/7 monitoring. With our personal GPS trackers, our customers are able to track where their staff is, to provide better customer service and put them ahead of the competition. The secure functional platform can also provide peace of mind if outdoor working conditions are remote or hazardous. AVTRACK also have individual customers that use their tracking devices to keep a close eye on young or vulnerable family members